What is NY Posture Bar?

NY Posture Bar is a method developed by physical therapist, Dr. Arielle Bailey.

Develop maximum body control, flexibility, and safe control of your joints to enhance your posture and movements based in scientific research.

The techniques used selected based on rigorous scientific research conducted by physical conditioning and medical experts. We help you develop body awareness, neuromuscular control, injury prevention, joint health and physical longevity.

Using scientific research and principles from evidence-based physical therapy, functional movement screening, yoga and pilates, NY Posture Bar helps to promote stability, flexibility and strength to support daily life and hobbies, prevent injuries, and stand taller.

We believe in helping you develop your own ability to monitor your own body. You will learn about your own anatomy and physiology, how to adjust your movements for dysfunction that may cause pain, aging, or put you at an increase risk of injury.

Physical therapists usually work with people after someone is already injured. Chiropractors typically only make adjustments, not develop strong and healthy muscles. Massage typically helps get rid of trigger points but does not prevent new ones from being formed in the future. Personal trainers are often not equipped to work with more complex health issues and injuries. Acupuncture does not strengthen. Surgery is expensive, dangerous, and should be a last-ditch effort. A trained Posture Expert is really the most appropriate resource to reduce the majority of spinal discomfort.

We help you develop healthy posture through a combination of trigger point and myofascial release, strengthening, stretching and education, both in static and dynamic situations.