Yoga for Lung Health

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Yoga for Lung Health is the definitive guide to breathing exercises and postures that improve your breathing and respiratory muscles.

Based on scientific studies with clear evidence to improve outcomes in COPD, asthma, tuberculosis and stress reduction. The best gift you can give yourself or a family member in quarantine!

4 reviews for Yoga for Lung Health

  1. Carla

    Great find- I was looking for a healthy way to practice yoga and help with my respiratory system and this helped me a lot. Highly recommend!

  2. Jamie

    This book was very informative. Will be using some of these strategies with older family members.

  3. Eric

    Great book! It’s only about 30 pages but gives a ton of info. Makes you feel like there’s things you can do to be proactive.

  4. Alyssa

    Really liked the pictures and models of the poses in this. Very helpful. And the breathing exercises were good for my lungs and also great for relaxation during odd Covid times. I had no idea there were so many different ways to breathe!

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