Mouth Breathing and Neck Pain

Mouth Breathing and Neck Pain

Have you ever completed CPR training?

One of the first rules of giving rescue breaths is to open the mouth, and then tilt the chin forward to open the airway. This is because, with the mouth open and the neck in correct alignment, the airway is tight.

Mouth breathers, without realizing it, will naturally tilt their chin forward throughout the day to help themselves breathe. They can’t help it. It is SO much more comfortable than trying to breathe through the mouth with the chin tucked. Try it yourself.

This, along with many other orthodontic reasons why mouth breathing can create chaos in your body, causes forward head posture and neck pain in nearly all chronic mouth breathers. Simply fixing your breathing can give tremendous relief to the sub-occipital muscles, and is one more step in the journey to unlocking perfect posture for your body.

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